Pro-Abortion Threats Force Down Pro-Life, African-American Ad

Ladies and gentlemen, apparently there is a billboard, or was — I have a picture of it here — there was a billboard in New York City that has been pulled down. It was a picture of a little African-American girl. “An outdoor advertising company has taken down a New York City anti-abortion billboard that showed a black girl along with the tagline, ‘The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.’ A manager for Louisiana-based Lamar Advertising confirmed Thursday the company had decided to take down the billboard. Some black residents said they found it offensive. The Rev. Al Sharpton praised the decision and canceled plans to protest the billboard.” Does Reverend Sharpton believe that having half of New York City pregnancies end in abortion is a good thing for the black community? You know, this is the dirty little secret here. This billboard was in Soho, by the way, the trendy uber expensive Soho district.

“According to the Gothamist, the advertising company actually took the sign down ‘because they were worried about the waiters and waitresses in the building’s restaurant.'” Now, apparently it is racist to try to save black children from abortion. This is really stunning here. “The billboard was placed in a busy Manhattan neighborhood by the group Life Always as part of a national campaign tied to Black History Month. The group says its message highlights Planned Parenthood’s ‘targeting of minority neighborhoods.’ Planned Parenthood called the advertisement a ‘condescending effort to stigmatize and shame African-American women.'” Some black activists are now complaining that Planned Parenthood has more clinics in black neighborhoods than anywhere else, which, folks, was the dream of Margaret Sanger. Eugenics anybody? She was the founder of Planned Parenthood and it wasn’t about family planning. It was about — how to say this? Okay. It was about genocide of black people. That’s what it was about. And the numbers of abortions in the black community, what’s the number I saw? Forty-seven percent of African-American pregnancies are terminated in New York City. It’s really, really high. The exact number escapes me, but I think I saw the number 47%. Forty-seven percent of African-American pregnancies are terminated.



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