President Obama Focuses Like a Laser Beam on Jobs… Union Jobs

I got a question here, ladies and gentlemen. I’m really starting to wonder and I will explain this as the program unfolds before your very eyes and ears. I’m really starting to wonder here if Obama’s ideological hero was Karl Marx or Groucho Marx. Well, there are times I don’t know whether to take this guy seriously. Which is it? Where does he get his inspiration, Karl Marx or Groucho Marx? As I say I will explain this as the program unfolds. Happy to have you along. Another full three hours of broadcast excellence here on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.

So they’re gonna pink slip all the teachers in Providence, Rhode Island. This is a place that spent one and a half, what, billion, million on wind power. We’ll get into that at some point. Indiana teachers, Democrats are fleeing. The governor there not all that upset about it. That would be Mitch Daniels. Republican governor not all that upset about it, that they’re fleeing the state. Ohio is next. Madison, Wisconsin, is still undercover. The media, by the way, the Wisconsin Drive-Bys know where the Wisconsin Democrats are. And now we do, too. We know where they are but they were covering it up. They were right in the room with them, they were conducting press conferences, the Democrat senators from Wisconsin were, and the media tag line was “from undisclosed location.” Nothing undisclosed about it. From unreported location, because these clowns knew where they were.



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