PharObama Lays Pipe to Get Credit as Egyptian Protests Grow Violent

Somebody is going to have to explain a lot of things to me. I have a lot of questions. Well, I may have the answers by virtue of the questions. That may be the point of the exercise. But this stuff going on, I mean, I’m being rhetorical. All the stuff I’m hearing about Egypt is nonsensical. And it’s turning out that one of the first things I used on the program Monday, food shortages, rising commodity prices is playing a role in what’s going on in Egypt. And looky here. Mubarak says that he’s going to leave in eight months. The military has not attacked the protestors, a new government’s going to be in place and yet the protestors are growing more violent. Now, why is that? That’s my first question. Why is that, ladies and gentlemen? The protestors are getting seemingly everything they want. And here you’ve got Obama laying pipe. Now, that’s a stage, movie device. This is an example of laying pipe. Hillary has had a 20-year relationship with Mubarak. So if all this works out just by saying they lay the pipe, you can connect the fact, “Oh, yeah, it was Hillary, the regime, we’re the ones that made all this happen.”

Obama owns this now, folks. Obama goes out there and makes a speech and this is what happens. Ladies and gentlemen, when you run in front of a mob and claim to be a leader, you have to take responsibility for their actions. It’s why David “Rodham” Gergen is unhappy that Obama went out and made a speech about this last night. Obama knows the shape he’s in. He knows he’s got an unconstitutional health care bill. He knows he’s got the American people two thirds opposed to him and his policies. He desperately needs something here. So he’s tried to put himself in front of this thing in Egypt to make it look like he’s in charge of it. He’s in charge of Mubarak leaving; he’s in charge of the protestors doing the right thing. But this is what happens when you run in front of a mob and claim to be the leader. You have to deal with whatever the mob does.

And right now everything Obama wanted has happened and the mob is getting bigger. And the mob is getting more violent. Mubarak says he’s gone, not going to put his son in charge. The protestors have not been attacked. You have a new government that is going to be in place, and yet the protestors are growing more violent. Why, ladies and gentlemen? One of the things that we have learned that ginned all this up — in fact, there have been attempts to create this level of protest for months and they have all failed until they started using Twitter and Facebook. This is why Egypt shut down the Internet this week. These people were using the social media. All it took was some YouTube videos to show the protestors in action, rioting and looting. “Hey, that looks like fun; let’s go join them.” Have you also noticed, ladies and gentlemen, in Egypt the number of protest signs written in English? Have you wondered about that? I have. Of course, it’s all for the media.



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