Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional, But Democrats Don’t Seem to Care

Folks, a federal judge has declared Obamacare unconstitutional. The law has been voided and it does not matter. Dick Durbin, all the Democrats, they are still implementing the law. It is as though the Constitution doesn’t matter. The media is not the slightest bit interested in the substance of this. They’re just keeping track of it in the horse race context about how Obama’s showing great courage defying this Reagan appointed judge in the interests of what’s best for the American people. It’s stunning. We apply the test, if this were Bush 43 that were ignoring — let’s say that the Democrats had succeeded and they had found that the invasion of Iraq was unconstitutional, just to pick something. Federal judge says it’s unconstitutional so all operations have to cease. Bush doesn’t cease, can you imagine? That’s all we would be hearing about here. This is not an insignificant item. We’ve had a federal judge rule that the whole law is void.

Now, Dick Turban is out there saying, (paraphrasing) “Well, the judge did not issue an injunction. The judge didn’t say stop this.” The judge didn’t think he had to. A judge affirms murder is illegal. People continue to murder. The judge says, well, I didn’t offer an injunction against murder, or lawyers for the murderers, the judge didn’t issue an injunction. The judge thought the law being voided spoke for itself. If you have any kind of respect for the rule of law this is a no-brainer. I’m just stunned by how little attention it’s getting. It’s just a ho-hummer for seemingly a lot of people.



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