Obama Lectures US Businesses, Media Tell Us He Sounds Like JFK

Yesterday Barack Obama went to the Chamber of Commerce to make a big speech. There were two applause lines in 40 minutes. Barack Obama was lecturing the private sector on proper business practices, expansion, investment, profitability, without a hint much experience much less a track record of success in the private sector and with policies that he signed into law becoming president. Michelle Obama is out lecturing parents and schools and grocery stores and restaurants on matters of nutrition and healthy eating — without a degree, without any past success or knowledge, much less a track record of success regarding anything outside of maintaining toned triceps. Oh, and working in a hospital.

Listening to accomplished losers lecture on how to “win the future” walks a fine line between humor and boredom, but such is power of the presidency. This country, economically, you’d have to go back quite a while to find a time where we have been in worse shape — and that’s mostly due to giving Obama the benefit of the doubt on his absurd theories of “winning the future” via massive surges in private sector regulations and spending and all that; lining the pockets of public sector unions, the phony “green” technology companies, crony capitalism with companies such as GE. We’ve tried every way, we’ve tried every Obama way, we’ve tried every Obama idea, and we’ve lost. We have listened to every idea that he has, every philosophy. The future will be won by defeating Obama at the ballot box. Yet there he is out there lecturing everybody at the Chamber of Commerce, and the State-Controlled Media said that his speech was just like JFK. We have a media montage of them just going bananas over Obama’s speech at the Chamber.



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