Obama Didn’t Back Iranian Revolt, But Supports Muslim Brotherhood

I remember Jimmy Carter, he didn’t say anything about the Iranian regime stepping down, either. You know, back in 2009, I mean. People forget this. In 2009 there was a huge uprising for freedom in Iran. Jimmy Carter didn’t say Ahmadinejad must go, but Jimmy Carter’s out there saying Mubarak must go. By the way, how do we get rid of anybody with the name Barack in their first name? Well, in their last name, Hosni Mubarak. He pronounces it Mubarak, but still. How can this country ever trust anybody with such a foreign name as Mubarak? Anyways, we gotta get rid of the guy.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, just to give you an illustration of how things have changed, it’s a good teaching moment for you leftists out there, including those of you in the media and in the Democrat Party. What went on this weekend and is still going on, we had a major uprising in Egypt. We had riots in the streets. There weren’t too many women, by the way. Notice how few women you see in the protests in Egypt. We know that there were women protesters in Iran in 2009. Some of those women were shot, a number have since been hanged by the state. But it doesn’t seem that there are that many women protesting in Egypt, which to me says that the protesters might not be all that tolerant or concerned about freedom after all. We’ll just have to wait and see on that. But when all this was going on, where were the three network news anchors?

Now, normally something like this, Egypt, we’ve got a relationship, they would be over there. I mean if this were happening during the Bush administration, Saturday night all three nightly newscasts would have been done from Cairo. They’d be over there and they would be blaming it on America, “This is what happened with the war in Iraq, this is what it’s led to. Now we have another unstable ally,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.



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