Muslim Brotherhood at CPAC?

Has CPAC been ifiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood? That’s what Pam Geller said on Friday afternoon.What did Glenn think?

“This is from CPAC, and I want you to know that I am not taking on CPAC at this point. I am going over the news and I am at the beginning of looking into this. And I don’t say this with a slam against CPAC by any stretch of the imagination,” Glenn said.

“Well, it’s interesting because one of the panels, Pamela Geller, who’s a conservative blogger, made some interesting charges against CPAC and what’s going on there,” Pat explained.

“It’s corrupted and it’s been compromised by Muslim Brotherhood,” Geller said in the audio to applause. “2,000 people, this is where I do my event. Every year I do an event because if you look at the agenda of CPAC, look at all of the panels and then look at your daily news, headlines, they’re either clueless or complicit, okay? And I believe it’s the latter.”



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