Mubarak Decides to Bow Out, And Then the Left Credits Barack

CALLER: I was just wondering, if it just takes a group of people to get this guy out of Egypt, why aren’t we doing the same thing? If Obama’s supporting it there, why doesn’t he support it here?

RUSH: It is an interesting question. Here we have some 200,000 people in Egypt demanding that Mubarak go — oh, and, by the way — here’s the series of events. The Wall Street Journal and a bunch of others, Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera announce that Mubarak says he’s going to leave in September and not seek reelection. And then some American news agency come along, the New York Times, says: “Obama Urges Mubarak Not to Run Again.” So after we learn Mubarak isn’t gonna run, the New York Times says Obama did it, Obama did it, the man-child, boy president did, he did it, he did it, this incessant effort to credit this guy with everything. But you’re right, it’s why I said, how come the Tea Party is not as respected in their opposition to what Obama wants to do as this mob in Egypt is? It is a great question.

Okay, here’s what would happen, or what needs to happen if in fact Obama ignores Judge Vinson. The plaintiffs, one of the AGs, would need to go back to court, ask the court to enforce his ruling. “But, Rush, but, Rush, why?” Well, because the regime is not obeying it. Judges assume their rulings are going to be obeyed. If the regime doesn’t obey it, then you gotta go back and ask the judge to enforce his ruling. Now, if we want to talk about contempt, the judge would order the Feds to comply with his order or he would hold the government in contempt. But nobody’s gonna send marshals to get a president. It is not going to happen. We don’t do things in this country that way. What is likely to happen is that the government will seek a stay at the circuit court level before most of this plays out. That having been said, what’s clear is that the administration in the meantime is not complying with the judge, and the reporters don’t give a damn, or as John Lewis said, the “jerges.” Grab sound bite 24. I didn’t know what he was talking about at first.



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