Michelle: Obama Does Not Dye His Hair

After verifying that her husband has indeed quit smoking, Michelle Obama set the record straight on another matter concerning the president in an appearance on “The Today Show” on Wednesday: He isn’t dying his hair.

“No he’s pretty gray,” the first lady told host Matt Lauer who asked the question and pointed to what seemed like photographic evidence: two side-by-side images of the president’s hair, one appearing much darker than the other.

“It’s lighting,” the first lady said. “If he had known that he would be president, he would have started dying his hair like ten years ago. Now it’s too late.”

Obama said her husband really doesn’t care much about his appearance.

“Not at all,” she said. “I wish that he would focus more on a different color suit, a new shirt. Sasha and I and Malia, we cheer when he puts on a bright-colored shirt.”



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