If Freedom is Sweeping the Middle East, Why the Exodus to Europe?

Berlusconi’s got his own problems. You know, I’m glad you mentioned Berlusconi. You know who’s mad at Berlusconi? Italian women! Italian women are on the march against him. It’s about time. Seriously. They’re marching on Berlusconi as women in this country shoulda marched on Clinton. Now, if you’re a womanizer or a sexist you don’t understand what I’m saying.

But I mean here’s a guy who has made objects out of women, he’s objectified them, they’re to be used and tossed aside. And the female population of Italy is saying, “You know, we don’t like the impression the world has of our president, the way he treats women and what it says of Italian women.” So they’re doing their own little version of protesting Berlusconi, coupled with all of his other problems, I mean he might think that could be a big one.



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