If $800B in Stimulus Didn’t Help, How Can $100B in Cuts Hurt Us?

Most of the American public, especially the segment of the populace that listens to this program are far more informed about the events going on in this country and around the world than your average reporter is. That’s the key. They’re all living in past narratives and news templates and so forth. Yeah, Republicans want to cut Social Security. Republicans hate women and children. Republicans create homelessness. Republicans created people with AIDS. Republicans don’t care. Republicans are cold-hearted, mean, extremists. And all we have to do is position things so that it becomes apparent again and the Democrats win big. This is what they think, hence all of the efforts here to portray Republicans as these Draconian budget cutters.

But again, $800 billion stimulus, Porkulus, what have you, $800 billion. As far as the media is concerned, “Hey, no problem.” In fact, “Hey, that’s real compassion.” That was Obama putting the country back to work, shovel-ready jobs, rebuilding the infrastructure. We had all kinds of stimuli before that. We had TARP. We’ve had any number of financial stimulus acts. This budget deficit is projected now to be $1.6 trillion, and yet we’re told Obama is going to cut the deficit in half in ten years. Eight hundred billion dollars in what turned out to be no stimulus. It’s no problem. One hundred billion dollars in budget cuts is an absolute disaster, a cold-hearted trick, a mean-spirited maneuver by the Republicans. Come on, media, get real. One hundred billion dollars is chump change, spending or cuts, but particularly cuts. You want to try to create the narrative that a hundred billion dollars is gonna lead to mass death, sickness, irreversible economic damage, without calculating the very economic damage done to this country by this regime and this president?



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