Governor Scott Walker Stands Firm Against Obama-Backed Unionistas

Let me take you back to recent history. During the riots in Greece, do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, on this program, we asked as an educational exercise: “Which side of the barricades would Obama be on? Would Obama be on the side of the government barricades or would he out there throwing the Molotov cocktails?” Now we know. We knew back then, too, but now we know for sure which side of something like this Obama would be on. By the way, aren’t these anti-government protests going on in Wisconsin? The people elected a government. They elected a governor and a legislature. The legislature is acting; the governor is acting.

Half the legislature splits, leaves the scene. A mob shows up, protesting…what? Government! The duly-elected government. And Obama spoke out so quickly on this, ten minutes after the protest. It took him forever to fumble out something on Egypt, but here for once he moves fast. But these are anti-government protests that Barack Obama is encouraging! I just wanted to point it out: Barack Hussein Obama is encouraging anti-government protests. Here’s the dirty little secret, the bottom line, ladies and gentlemen: The unionistas, the rabble-rousers, the freeloaders, the protesters in Wisconsin have much chance of winning in the long run as do the protests in Greece or Spain or the youths burning cars in France.



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