GOP Moves to Limit, Roll Back Regime on Obamacare and EPA

In the meantime, a federal judge has declared Obama’s health care law to be unconstitutional. Folks, it’s a shame, it is really a shame that news about Egypt and even news about the weather is keeping everybody from hearing about all the good things the Republicans are trying to do in the House and Senate. Not just furthering votes on the repeal of health care, but there’s this. “In a sharp challenge to the Obama administration, House Republicans intend to unveil legislation Wednesday to ban the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act and expect to advance the bill quickly. The official said the bill would nullify all the steps the EPA has taken to date on the issue, including a threshold finding that greenhouse gases constitute a danger –” the Supreme Court granted them this. The EPA can effectively rule by fiat under the basis that greenhouse gases are killers, and the Republicans are readying legislation to roll all that back and to restrict them. Of course, Obama vetoes it, but that’s the strategy. You send all this stuff up.

The American people do not want the Obama agenda. The American people made up of independents, Democrats, and Republicans alike said loud and clear last November and deep, not just to Washington, but to state capitals, to cities, they don’t want the Democrat Party agenda, they don’t want the agenda of Obama, by a massive majority. And so, yeah, we don’t have the votes to override presidential vetoes. But we do have the ability to make him veto what the American people want. It’s like Dingy Harry. Dingy Harry won’t bring up the repeal vote in the Senate. McConnell is trying to make it happen anyway by attaching the repeal vote as an amendment to some piece of legislation on the federal aviation administration.

So the Republicans, God bless them, bless their hearts, are trying to move in ways to limit and roll back this regime. And they have been given a great boost by Judge Roger Vinson. I don’t care what you hear in public, behind the scenes the Democrats are worried stiff about this ruling and the notion that the whole thing is unconstitutional. Now, one of things that I said earlier this week is that this could lead to a giant constitutional crisis. And last night — I didn’t see it myself, somebody sent it to me — last night on Mediaite they wrote about that as though I’m some kind of a kook, which is fine, but they think the whole idea that the Constitution might be in crisis here is silly. Why would that be? Why would it be silly to say that? We have a federal judge who has ruled a major piece of legislation unconstitutional, and the regime is basically saying, “Ah, well, it’s gonna go to Supreme Court anyway, so to hell with it.” But he has voided it. It is not the law of the land and if they continue implementing it as though it is, they are in contempt. They’re basically looking at the Constitution and winking at it or spitting on it or turning their backs on it, constitutional crisis.



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