Defund NPR and PBS on Principle

Let’s be honest. PBS, NPR, what have you, the truth of the matter is that if any of these liberal networks could make it in the free market, they wouldn’t need these subsidies. They wouldn’t need to be part of a federal Corporation or Public Broadcasting. Yet they can’t make it in the free market, at least not on the radio side. So they need these subsidies, and they need all the assistance they can get. If they had to get by with market support, i.e., audience and advertiser support… Well, I think even they realize they can’t.

They don’t want to go that way. And there is this presumption that they are unique and special and a cut above, they’re elites; and as such their voices need to be heard, and it’s perfectly natural the government would subsidize. The amount of money saved by cutting these people is not that much money. It’s a principle thing that the government has no business subsidizing one particular point of view over another, but they are with NPR and the CPB.



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