Cowardly Wisconsin Democrats Retreat to “Undisclosed Location”

Here’s a senate Democrat who supports the endgame (New Castrati impression), “But they need to be talked to! That’s right, they need to be talked to, Mr. Limbaugh! These people have feelings, too. They need to have this discuth’sed with them.” I don’t think they’re surprised by any of this. Do you think the public employees had no idea this was coming? They’ve known it since the campaign. That’s right. They’ve known it since last year. If you want to know the real truth about this, this is not — if you get down to brass tacks, this is not — about paying for more of their pensions or health care.

What this is really about is the union leaders don’t dig this business that they have to renegotiate every year. The union leaders, the Muslim Brotherhood, they don’t tell the fact that they’re losing some power to negotiate and eventually shut things down. That’s what they don’t like. But here you’ve got this Democrat: “I support public employees paying more for their pensions, paying more for their health care.” Then get yourself to that chamber and vote for it! You mean you’re holding out because the governor won’t talk to them? That comment right there shows you that this senate Democrat knows exactly what public opinion is, and he didn’t need a focus group, did he?



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