Connecting extreme Socialism and extreme Islam

A lot of people in the media have been coming out against Glenn for having “crazy conspiracy theories” regarding the growing chaos in Egypt. Never before have the media rushed so quickly to discredit Glenn when he is simply exposing the left in their own words. In response to the name-calling, Glenn laid out his so-called “conspiracy theory” so there would be no confusion.

“I want the left to know, I plant my flag in this soil. If I’m wrong, so be it,” Glenn said on radio.

“And you can discredit me all you want for the end of time, but I’m telling you I’m not wrong on this one. And there are three points that I want to make sure are very clear.”

What are those three points?

1) Groups from the hardcore socialist left, and extreme Islam will work together because of the common enemy of Israel.

2) Groups from the hardcore socialist left and extreme Islam will work together because of the common enemy of capitalism.

3) Groups from the hardcore socialist left, and extreme Islam will work together to overturn relative stability, because the in the status quo, they are both ostracized from power and the mainstream in most of the world.

As the left continues to attack him for being a crazy conspiracy theorist, Glenn encouraged his audience to keep looking up the facts.

“I’m sorry that I am the bearer of bad news. But you listen to the people who say they want to kill you. When I say that there’s a Caliphate, that it is the desire of the Islamic extremists in the Middle East, that’s not a conspiracy theory. Look up the words of Ahmadinejad. Look up the words of Khomeini and Khamenei. Look up the words of Osama Bin Laden,” Glenn said.

“Look up the words of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas Hezbollah. Look up their own words. They want a Caliphate. What is a Caliphate? Look it up,” he encouraged the audience.

On Monday, Glenn’s audience, like always, did their homework and drove “caliphate” to the #3 Google trend. Glenn said that he wants the audience to do the same thing today with all the research and facts he is laying out.

The left are mocking the facts, saying that Glenn is spouting lunatic theories trying to connect groups like Code Pink to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. But Glenn is simply using their own words and actions.

“How many times do we have to say things here? How many times do you have to tell your friends and them to come true?” Glenn said.



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