Another ‘peaceful protest’ from the left

Glenn played a video from The Blaze that showed Andrew Breitbart interviewing protestors at a rally in Palm Springs, CA last week. The rally, which was sponsored by leftist’s organizations, including Code Pink, had attendees making violent and racists threats against a Fox Execs, a Supreme Court justice, and Glenn.

“They’re calling for revolution. The people in the crowd are saying that Clarence Thomas should have all of his fingers and toes cut off and fed to him, that Roger Ailes should be hung, that I should be gunned down, that Clarence Thomas should be put out in the fields, that Scalia should be sent back to [Sicily],” Glenn said.

“And it’s not just one person. It’s several people. All white.”

“ So you have this real rage and real hate. And remember, this is what Frances Fox Piven is saying: Find your rage, find your anger, blame it on your boss, blame it on the capitalist system. This is what’s being fomented right now.”

“Code Pink has the biological weapons sign,” Glenn said in reference to a sign referring to the Koch brothers as biological weapons.

“Code Pink just took an ad out with the Muslim Brotherhood that says, ‘Help us cleanse our country.’ Now, you’re talking to a group of people that are going to the Muslim Brotherhood website that understand cleansing a little differently than the average American does: ‘Help us cleanse our country.’ These are people that wouldn’t mind cleansing the entire Middle East of every single Jew. So they’re using the language of ethnic cleansing.”

“And don’t think that the radical left has a problem with ethnic cleansing or political cleansing. That’s what communists do. They’ve done it every time they’ve taken over. Every single time. That’s what communist, Marxist, revolutionaries do. You think Che is just a guy on a T‑shirt? He’s a killer.”



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