A Seminal Moment in Wisconsin

Folks, I tell you, this thing in Wisconsin is getting interesting, and it’s seminal. This is a seminal moment for the union movement, the labor union movement. If , by chance, the whole concept of public sector unions are blown up, that is effectively the end of unions. In the private sector they make up 8% of the population, 8% of the workforce is private sector unionized. It’s about, what, 13% total if you add government employees. And what’s happening, Rasmussen has polling data out there, the independents, these precious independents, a sizable majority support the Republican Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin. This morning on the Fox Business Network, Varney & Co. show, Stuart Varney spoke with Scott Rasmussen about the protests in Wisconsin. Varney said, “What about the independent voter? That’s a key swing voter in American elections these days. Where do they stand on Governor Walker’s proposal in Wisconsin?”

Fifty-six percent support the governor. Hardly any support the unions at this point in time. What we’re seeing in independent voters all around the country is a desire to rein in government spending. It’s even a little stronger than it is among some other voters. They’d like to see it cut across all sorts of the federal government. One of the big missing stories in all the debate about the budget is that most Americans are serious about cutting spending; they support specific cuts; they’re ready to make changes. The question is, will their politicians follow?



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