GOP joins campaign against TSA scanners

Members of the Travis, Texas, County Republican Party have joined a campaign against the federal Transportation Security Administration’s new invasive airport pat-down procedures and nude-imaging scanners at airports.

“These scanners are a very personal invasion of privacy, exposing anatomically detailed images of airline passengers to strangers,” said chairman Rosemary Edwards. “These graphic scans and the intimate physical searches which are offered as the only alternative, are completely inappropriate and a violation of our Constitutionally protected right to privacy.”

WND reported earlier when a government advisory board in Austin, joined by a team of citizen groups, asked the city council there to tell the TSA to keep its scanners and pat-downs out of the city’s airport.

It was the Austin Airport Advisory Commission that resolved, in a petition to the city council, that it is recommending the city “oppose the installation of [advanced image scanners] at [the Austin airport] and further oppose the practice of invasive body searching and encourages the city council to inform the TSA, the state and federal delegations of such opposition.”



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