87 House Repubs promised debt-limit freeze

House Speaker John Boehner is ignoring legislation introduced to forgo an increase in the debt limit as well as the campaign promises of 87 House Republican freshmen to stop further borrowing by the federal government, says the organizer of a campaign to freeze the debt limit at $14.3 trillion.

“There’s a real division brewing between the House Republican leadership and most of the rest of the 242 members,” said Joseph Farah, the force behind the “No More Red Ink” campaign that has catapulted the issue to the front burner in the Capitol. “We are getting their attention with the first 125,000 red ink letters delivered to the House Republicans and a second batch of 125,000 set to go out this week.”

The “No More Red Ink” campaign demands House Republicans stop all deficit spending this year by freezing the debt limit at $14.3 trillion and forcing major cuts in so-called “entitlements” and all non-essential spending.

The growing controversy within the House Republican majority about the debt limit is being called Boehner’s defining moment as speaker.



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