70% of Americans oppose raising debt limit

Are you among the 70 percent of Americans who oppose raising the debt limit?

That’s what Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND and the organizer of a campaign to persuade House Republicans to block legislation raising the debt limit to authorize more federal borrowing and spending, wants to know.

Because, if you are, his “No More Red Ink” campaign provides a way for you to get involved in some grass-roots lobbying.

Investors Business Daily reports 70 percent of Americans do indeed oppose raising the debt limit – which is all but a sure thing unless House Republicans vote to block it in the next two months, says Farah. In fact, the latest scientific poll shows 86 percent of Republicans and a sizable majority of Democrats – 55 percent – think it’s unconscionable to authorize more borrowing and spending.

“But that’s not what the Washington establishment thinks,” says Farah. “But I believe we can still win this fight for fiscal responsibility. Now the American people have a voice that can be heard – even in Washington.”



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