Why We Must Repeal Obamacare

In fact, you may have heard that McDonald’s does not offer health care.  Dirty, rotten company.  Stinking, rotten company.  Poisoning people with cheap, fast food, using toys to coerce kids to come in there and eat and die, and they don’t cover their employees with health care, stupid piece of rotten company.  Turns out that 30,000 McDonald’s employees have health care coverage, and in order for McDonald’s to stay in business after providing mandated coverage from Obamacare, they needed a waiver from Obamacare.  McDonald’s needed a promise that they would not be held accountable to the law.  McDonald’s and 232 other companies were granted in the first year of Obamacare an exemption from the law so they wouldn’t go out of business during an election year.  Now, you called.  You wanted the answers.  These are the answers.  

You got 233 companies who said to the government, “If we have to do this, we’re gonna have to lay off a bunch of people and maybe go out of business.”  Obama can’t have that during an election year so they granted them exemptions, waivers, if you will.  More than 50 unions have already gotten waivers. Most of the waivers have gone to unions.  Your union might have gotten one itself.  There’s an axiom.  Nine times out of ten the private sector — 999 times out of a thousand the private sector can do it better than the government.  The only thing I’d say is military would be the exception, nine times out of ten, 99 out of a hundred, 999 out of a thousand. The government wants to take over health care, you’re instinctive reaction should be, “No way.”  That ought to be your default reaction, “No way.” The government is gonna tell X company how much — no way.  They don’t have that authority, power, or constitutional right.



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