Who Incited the Walmart Shooting?

“Walmart Shooting Leaves Two Dead, Two Deputies Hurt.” This is from today, and it is an Associated Press story. “A shootout in front of a Walmart in Washington State left two people dead and two sheriff’s deputies wounded Sunday afternoon. One of the dead was a man who shot at deputies. Tacoma police said the deputies were both shot in the torso, were in satisfactory condition being kept overnight at Tacoma General Hospital. Details were sketchy last night. The sheriff’s office received a call about a suspicious person at the store in Port Orchard. Two deputies found the man and tried to talk to him.” The man ran and started shooting. Now, why isn’t the heated political rhetoric and the atmosphere of hate that has been whipped up against Walmart by the unions being blamed for these shootings? I’ve read the whole story and you won’t find one reference to the incendiary rhetoric we find in American culture. You won’t find one word about the lack of civility.

We’ve had unions marching at homes of Walmart’s executives; we’ve had fliers; we’ve had banners; we’ve had members of the Democrat Party condemn Walmart. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago if you listen to the Democrat Party and believe what they say you are gonna have a reservoir of hate built up in your soul each and every day. They launch into diatribes and they accuse people like Walmart of all sorts of things short of killing people. Big Pharma, Big Oil. If you listen to the Democrats there’s no way you could possibly be happy. They’re tearing the country apart. In fact, from January 20th: “Group Pickets Pro-Walmart Developer’s DC Home — A group of about 25 people protesting Walmart’s imminent arrival in the District gathered Thursday night in Woodley Park by picketing the DC home of a developer who has publicly said he wants to open stores for the big-box giant in the city.” And, lo and behold, we have a flier: No Walmart on Georgia Avenue, no Walmart in DC. And guess what? It’s got a crosshairs logo on it. They put a smiley face in the center. But it still has a crosshairs logo.

March on the developer’s house, gives his address, the date and the time, meet at Woodley Park and we organize. And I saw a videotape. Why is this being given a pass? Why are the unions not being accused here participating in a climate of incivility? Everything the president warned us against happened in this case. You have supporters of the president ginning up their troops to march on the home of a developer who wants to build Walmart stores, and then over the weekend we had a shoot-out in front of a Walmart in Washington state leaving two people dead. Where is connection? I know I didn’t talk about any of this. They can’t blame me. I haven’t heard Sarah Palin talking about it. That shooting, that big shoot-out at the Moscow airport, have you seen that? Sorry, I wasn’t there. I’m waiting for me to get blamed on that. I don’t know. Sarah Palin hasn’t said anything about it, either, and there’s a word not being used in connection with that shooting and that’s Muslims.



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