What’s Our Problem with Obama? It’s All Pure Policy, Not Personal

RUSH: To me, this is all about your future. I am over twice your age, and I have been able to experience and access the wonderful opportunities of this country, and I live in fear that for people your age and younger they aren’t gonna be as plentiful and that they may not be at all if this stuff doesn’t get stopped.

CALLER: I see.

RUSH: Because the engine of that opportunity is freedom, entrepreneurialism, liberty, creativity in the private sector, and all that’s being whittled away. It really…not just frustrates me, it breaks my heart.

CALLER: I understand.

RUSH: I talk to people your age, and a lot of people your age expect things pretty quickly in life. It’s just the way things have evolved, and nothing really of decent quality happens quickly. It takes a long time to achieve it in most cases. I mean, there are exceptions. But this is gonna take even longer if some of this stuff is not stopped and rolled back — and that’s my pure, thorough concern about this. It has nothing to do with Obama as a human being because I don’t even know him. I have no idea what he’s like to watch baseball at “Cominskey” Field with. I have no idea, no clue what it’s like to have dinner with him or anything like that. So none of this is based on anything personal.

It’s pure, pure policy.



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