Want to Cut Regulations, Obama? Help Us Repeal the Health Care Bill

What an outright laugher, folks, it’s an outright laugher.  Obama’s got a column in the Wall Street Journal today about how he’s gonna review all these regulations out there and he’s gonna get rid of all these regulations that are obstacles to business.  If he meant it, he would join us in repealing his health care bill.  You can’t find a greater collection of harmful regulations.  Maybe he could learn something from the ChiComs.  You know, Chairman Hu Jintao is in town, big Chinese dinner.  I had chicken with broccoli and some fried rice, restaurant recipe, ’cause I know I’m not gonna be invited to the state dinner.  So I got my vicarious thrill with a Chinese lunch.  But maybe Hu Jintao can give Obama some advice on how to get rid of excessive regulations.  I mean the ChiComs probably don’t even have any regulations written down.  When a bureaucrat does something over the years that’s excessive, a little over the top, they just put him against the wall and shoot him. It saves a lot of paperwork and a lot of time.  Don’t even mess with the trial, any number of ways to learn about this.  

Obama shoulda tried to sell the idea that he has a balanced view of federal regulations somewhere else, because most people who read the Wall Street Journal realize how unbalanced Obama is.  I mean of all places to write this.  They’re coming after us, folks.  More on that in due course.  But in certain quarters the president is being cheered for this op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, which the State-Controlled Media is saying that he is listening to businessmen.  (laughing)  Listening to businessmen.  Last week the same media told us that Darrell Issa and other Republicans listening to businessmen was a scandal.  Remember that?  Darrell Issa wanted to bring a bunch of businessmen up and tell him, “What are the regulations that are in your way?”  And the Democrats and the media went out and said, “That’s crony, why, you can’t do that, why, that’s cheating, why, that shows that they’re on the side of the people against the middle class.”  And so here’s Obama ripping a page out of Darrell Issa’s book and the State-Controlled Media is lapping it up.



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