Thoughts on the Arizona Pep Rally

It’s not about any of the elected officials here.  It’s not about the college president.  It’s not about the students cheering.  The people about whom this memorial was were ignored for a large block of time at the beginning of this.  It was Arizona Governor Brewer who got this thing on track, talking about the victims and who they were.  The president has gotten glowing reviews from practically every corner, but he didn’t shut down the primary theme that has been occupying America since Saturday, and that is that conservative media was responsible for this.  He started talking about “civility” in general.  Kirsten Powers has a column in The Daily Beast today, and she’s got a good point here. 

“When the president did lay blame, it was on Americans in general. Among the many odd assertions he made: suggesting that ‘what a tragedy like this requires’ is that ‘we align our values with our actions.’ We were told to ‘expand our moral imaginations.'” What does this have to do with anything? Nothing.  They had a lone gunman, mentally disturbed. We have to figure out how he got the gun since he couldn’t afford it. We have to figure out why, since everybody knew he was such a menace, he was able to run as free as he was around that town.  The questions are obvious.  The answers are not that complicated here, but the notion that we Americans somehow need to improve ourselves? We need to get better at the way we talk with each other?

The president said that didn’t matter, that that wasn’t a factor.  Most of his speech was about how we gotta get better dealing with each other, that we have to somehow step it up — and yet he tried to say in his own way that that had nothing to do with it. He said, “We’ll never really know what happened here.  Rhetoric didn’t cause this,” and yet we’ve all gotta improve our rhetoric.  We’ve all gotta step it up. I know the target audience is gonna eat that stuff up.  You could see people in the crowd crying over the notion we all just have to get along and so forth, but I live in Literalville. I live in Realville watching this, and I’m thinking, “This is not solving anything.”  The president himself is responsible for some of the disunity that exists in the country, and he didn’t talk about improving himself.  



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