The Regime-Immelt Deal Smells

I’m sure you saw it by now — Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric (who now they’re saying is a big Republican, lifelong Republican), has been appointed to replace somebody on the Council of Economic Advisers.

Now, folks, I’m gonna tell you something. This really smells. Congress needs to really look into this. We have another advisory board created by executive order to tell the government what it needs to do to help create jobs. They have a deficit-reduction board. Did you know that? How good a job has that bumbling done? Diddly-squat. A giant failure. Now we’ve got this, and who is it made up of? The new Congress and a lot of people saying that this really needs to be investigated. General Electric and Obama are in bed with each other. General Electric got gobs of TARP money.

They got stimulus money. They don’t need it. General Electric didn’t need any of that money. General Electric has been in bed with Obama on this green energy garbage. MSNBC, the NBC networks, “go green” many weeks a year with their graphics and all this other stuff — and they’ve used government money to create this green energy division that they have, and they’re behind these compact fluorescent lightbulbs. They run NBC and MSNBC at a steep loss in order to give Obama his own cheerleading news network, and this CEO ends up on an advisory board now.



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