The power of the Unions

Glenn said, “At Carnegie Hall, the top paid stagehand makes $422,599, plus $107,455 in benefits and deferred compensation.” The average salary for a stagehand at Lincoln Center? $290,000 a year.

Glenn explained:

“What that means is Carnegie Hall has negotiated with the union saying we can’t afford more than $422,000 for the stage hand. Fine. We’ll give them $107,000 in benefits and deferred compensation but don’t take it now because we can’t afford it. We’ll pay it in the future. What?! When is Carnegie Hall – when are they going to make more to pay the deferred compensation for the next stage hand and the compensation that they couldn’t afford when they had the last stagehand?! It’s not going to work. It’s collapsing the system. It’s collapsing the system. So, the problem here is that people won’t – they’re refusing to live and recognize that the whole system is flying into the side of a mountain.”

Glenn added, “Why is Broadway so expensive? Oh, yeah. That’s right. $422,000 for the top stage hand. Oh, yeah. That’s right. Maybe some of our unions should start shoveling the damn snow so we can get to the theater and buy those really expensive tickets so the stage hand, you know, the oppressed one, can get his $422,000 plus $107,000 in deferred compensation.”

Glenn compared the issue of that to Social Security.

“I’m 46 years old. I’m not going to get Social Security. I’m not going to get it. And you know you’re – if you’re my age, you know you’re not going to get it, too. So, now what do we do about it? We do exactly like what we were talking about last hour with the debt ceiling. We understand that some bills must be paid. Those who are on Social Security now or who are about to trip into Social Security, we must honor that commitment. There may be some that paid in that cannot get that because, look, they don’t need the check. I know it’s their money and everything else. Times have changed.”

For too long, unions and the government have been making unsustainable promises to the American people. And while those benefits may pay off in the short term, ultimately they leave the country and its citizens with a debt they cannot pay.

“Times have changed. I will pay this debt for my parents and my grandparents and your parents and grandparents but that’s it, gang. It ain’t going to last. Pay the debt that we must pay and stop the insanity and let’s come up with something new because this doesn’t work.”



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