The only debate that matters: The American Experiment

Why was the American experiment called an experiment? Because it never had been tried before. What had never been tried? Man ruling themselves.

Before the founding of America, no system of government had been established that allowed people to successfully rule themselves. Glenn said, “[The Founders] came up with a system that they thought could be the answer. Can man rule himself? They said yes. Now, after that they had to create a system so man could rule himself. But it required not only a good, brilliant system, it also required good, brilliant people and people to remain engaged and people to remain good. When they say America was not built for an uneducated or not virtuous people, that’s what they mean.”

In the past, either the church or the king always ruled the serfs, or the common man. All the land was explored and in most cases owned by some lord. But in America, there was vast uncharted territory that was removed from the rest of the civilized world. Glenn said, “A man could go out in the woods and make his own way and people could gather around and they would start a little town. And they realized, we can do this.”

Glenn said that George Whitfield was another key part of the creation of the American experiment. “He was telling people was you should have a personal relationship with God. That was different. The power structure was saying come to me, the priest or the cleric or whoever, come to me; I will tell you what God says and what God says is the king is good.”



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