The Left Creates a Climate of Hate

Now, let me suggest something here.  We could all say just as easily that the Democrats, the left is responsible for Tucson.  We could say it.  We didn’t.  But we could.  

How?  Very simple.  

The left — which continues to agitate, abuse, punish, name-call, whatever — create an environment in which the individual is smothered. They treat people, individuals, as worthless. They come up with these conspiracy theories that Bush knew about 9/11.  Imagine yourself wandering aimlessly through the murk as a disturbed young man, you see one of your cities practically blown off the map and then you go out and watch a movie by Michael Moore and you listen to Democrats and you read websites — and you watch movies, documentaries –about how Bush was behind it.  What do you think it’s gonna do to an already disturbed mind?

And who did all that?  Who plants ideas like these in people’s heads?  Bush knew of 9/11?  What kind of a mass murderer does that make Bush?  And don’t forget, 35% of the Democrats in this country in a poll say they thought so, that Bush knew about it.  That means that by extension, Bush knew about it and didn’t do anything to stop it. Therefore he is complicit.  The left is constantly telling anybody who will listen how rotten this country is, how rotten we are, how rotten the nation is, how unfair and unjust our economic system is.  They create this environment of pessimism, self-hate, and desperation.  They tell victims — and they try to make as many people victims as possible by putting them in groups of victims.

They tell these people that they’ve got no chance in this unjust and unfair country.  “If you’re Hispanic, you got no chance.  If you’re African-American, you got no chance.  If you’re a woman and African-American, you are doomed! You have no chance.  The only out for you is the military, and if you do that, you’re stupid, but you really can’t be blamed because this economy was so destroyed by George W. Bush, you have no future.”  What is this going to do to people?  And this went on for eight years.  And before Clinton got to ten it went on for 16 or 12 years, during Reagan and the first term of Bush.  This has been a constant refrain: Uunjust, unfair America is.

And now, as though to put an exclamation point on it, we got a president who runs around the world basically affirming this all by apologizing for it to anybody who will listen.  So you take some uneducated, ill-informed, mal-informed, disturbed young people, and you subject them to this stuff: Lying propaganda, movies, documentaries, who knows what the hell else, political speeches.  Sure, we could sit here and blame the left for this.  We could say they’ve got blood on their hands, that they create this kinda climate.  Because the Democrats, the left in this country, they turn citizen against citizen.

They want people to hate each other over wealth or race, gender, sexual orientation, or whatever.  They love talking about hate speech! They love talking about hate.  They want people to hate each other.  It’s a distraction to boot.  You get men and women at war against each other, they’re distracted.  You get blacks and whites at war with each other, they’re distracted.  No matter what war you set up, it equals a distraction while the left marches on down the highway of socialism.  How can you be a liberal and be proud of yourself when you’re told you don’t sacrifice enough for the state?  We’ve heard that refrain, too.  

“The American people have not been asked to sacrifice during the Iraq war! We have not been asked to sacrifice,” meaning we’re not paying enough taxes.  Or your ancestors committed some horrible offense. Or conversely, if you’re not able to succeed it’s because of the Founders who were inherently racism, racist; or it’s the unfair unjustness of capitalism.  Or basically a system built to deny you your just rewards — and other than that, you’ve gotta find a way to get your “benefits,” because country is stacked against you. This is the message of the Democrat Party every day, and it is ratcheted up during every election.



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