The Irresponsible Sheriff Dupnik Ignores All Real Evidence in Case

Fox News is reporting that the Loughner family has taken down their kid’s shrine to the occult. He had a skull. It was really a weird thing.  The police are banning all media from the street and from his parents’ house.  That’s understandable, but there have been pictures taken. You could see it at certain places on the Internet, pictures of the shrine.  There’s a skull back there.  It’s really weirdo consult stuff.  Also there’s a friend of Loughner’s who’s finally spoken out at Mother Jones who said that he had a real animus toward Gabrielle Giffords, that he went to a number of her public appearances, asked her questions, was not satisfied with her answers, thought that she was not respecting him and so forth — and this is somebody who knew the kid.  

People in school where he went were afraid to show up. They sat next to doors because they feared he’d bring a gun and start wiping everybody out.  This sheriff out there, Sheriff Dupnik, you know, this guy, he’s gotta be very careful.  If I were him I wouldn’t say another word about this.  The Loughner family has just hired the Unabomber attorney to defend their son (which everybody has to have an attorney, no big deal there).  But the sheriff is out saying that everybody but the kid’s responsible for this.  This sheriff is creating a defense for this kid in which his attorneys can say, “Well, even law enforcement authorities here in Pima County are blaming talk radio and Fox News and Sarah Palin.”  

“Well, where’s the evidence?”  

“Well, there’s no evidence.  He’s in law enforcement.”

I’ll tell you what. I’m just wildly speculating here, but this kid sounds like he was well known as an unstable, dangerous element in the neighborhood and at school and so forth around town.  If this kid… If there are any reports in this sheriff’s office like if people have phoned in, made phone calls, “Hey, we’re worried about this kid. He’s running around threatening here.” If the kid, if this kid’s run around and if he’s made death threats to anybody… If there’s a file in this sheriff’s office about this guy’s behavior, if there is, then the onus is gonna be on this sheriff and the rest of the liberal safety net. Where is all the stuff in place to stop this? Where is it?



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