The Four Corners of Deceit Strike: Autism/Vaccine Study was a Hoax

And two more frauds have been uncovered, ladies and gentlemen, both along the lines of the global warming fraud and hoax.  How many of you have been persuaded to believe that vaccines have caused autism?  Do you believe it?  It’s all a fraud.  It’s all a lie.  “Study tying vaccine to autism was fraud, report says.  Andrew Wakefield, colleagues altered facts about patients in their research, analysis shows.”  This is not some kooky blog that you’ve never heard of.  It’s AP, it’s PMSNBC.  “The first study to link a childhood vaccine to autism was based on doctored information about the children involved, according to a new report on the widely discredited research. The conclusions of the 1998 paper by Andrew –” and, by the way, these are the same people that write your political news every day. These are the same people that tell you what’s going on with spending, the Obamacare repeal, the deficit, and all this rotgut.  This pretty much typifies 90% of the crap that’s in the media these days.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest and all the death and destruction that’s gonna come if you eat pork fried rice, for example.  

“The conclusions of the 1998 paper by Andrew Wakefield and colleagues were renounced by 10 of its 13 authors and later retracted by the medical journal Lancet, where it was published. Still, the suggestion the MMR shot was connected to autism spooked parents worldwide and immunization rates for measles, mumps and rubella have never fully recovered.”  Can I say Rachel Carlson?  How about banning DDT and the jump in malaria all over the world?  Another hoax, another fraud brought to you by nanny state liberals.  “The analysis, by British journalist Brian Deer, found that despite the claim in Wakefield’s paper that the 12 children studied –” 12 children led to a worldwide belief in a fraud.  “– 12 children studied were normal until they had the MMR shot, five had previously documented developmental problems. Deer also found that all the cases were somehow misrepresented when he compared data from medical records and the children’s parents.”



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