The Cavalry Arrives in Washington

I cannot believe what a fetish this woman has for the Constitution.  She’s referring to it almost as like it’s a sacred biblical text.  I can’t believe what I’m hearing!

RUSH:  I guess JFK was a fetishist, too. She’s quoting JFK on the Constitution.  We know now that people who respect the Constitution, it’s a fetish that they have.  And don’t forget, JFK’s inaugural address was basically a declaration of war on communism, and that’s why I find it really strange that Democrats today cite him. Well, I know why they cite Kennedy.  It’s not because of what he said; it’s ’cause his last name and a number of other things.  She’s still refusing to pass anything over to Boehner. She’s talking about kids, being the first woman speaker, introducing half the families in San Francisco and all that, but it will eventually happen, folks.

RUSH:  The Pelosi filibuster is over and Boehner is now delivering his opening remarks.  We’ll JIP them here in just a second.  Pelosi is pretty classy, it’s the classiest I’ve ever heard her.  Honest to gosh, it was.  I feel a little shocked by it.  It won’t last longer than it took her to make the speech, but for what it was, it was pretty collegial.  Let’s listen to a little bit of Speaker Boehner as he just now begins to speak.

BOEHNER:  Thank you for being here, gentlemen, I appreciate it.  (applause)  I’m honored and humbled to represent a great, hardworking community in Congress.  The peoples of Ohio state congressional district continue to afford me the privilege to serve for which I am deeply grateful.  We gather here today at a time of great challenges.  Nearly one in ten of our neighbors is out of work.  Health care costs are still rising for American families.  Our spending has caught up with us and our debt soon will eclipse the entire size of our national economy.  Hard work and tough decisions will be required of the 112th Congress.  No longer can we fall short.  No longer can we kick the can down the road.  The people voted to end business as usual, and today we begin to carry out their instructions.



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