TARP ain’t nothing compared to pension problems

Does John Boehner cry too much? Did Rush say something mean on radio today? Did you hear who Ricky Gervais insulted during the Golden Globes? These are the stories dominating the news every day, while the stories that have a significant impact on the country are being ignored.

As Glenn said, “I don’t care if the [Boehner’s] a crybaby all the time.  What difference does it make?  Have you noticed the country’s on fire?  Have you noticed that we now, the federal government says that the states are behind in their pension payments by $2.5 trillion.”

“They’re now coming out and saying $2.5 trillion is what the states are behind now in their pensions,” Glenn said. “So what are they doing about it?  Well, did you know that John Boehner cries a lot?  Did you know that Rush Limbaugh is causing violence?  Pay no attention to the fact that Detroit closed half of their schools to be able to pay for the pensions.”

Stu pointed out that they haven’t closed schools yet, but it is being discussed as an option in the next two years. “So you could have two years of education left if you’re in fourth grade,” Stu joked.



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