State of the Union Show Preview

If you want to do a drinking game for the State of the Union show tomorrow night I have two words and you will be plastered inside the first 20 minutes: “Investments” and “civility.” If you consume a shot of quality adult beverage every time you hear Obama talk about investments or civility, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll be unable to pay attention to that thing.

A pre-analysis of the State of the Union show that is tomorrow night. A bunch of friends of mine are hectoring me saying they’re not gonna watch it because they don’t have to, because they know I have to. You know, I can farm some things out, you know, I can pay people to watch The View. I can pay people to watch the sludge that’s on cable channels at night. But I have to watch the State of the Union show. I have to watch it. And I can’t do the drinking game along with you people. All I can do is suggest it. But I’m serious, whatever your favorite adult beverage is, have some of it standing by and every time you hear the word civility or investments, let fly.

Folks, for tomorrow night: Obama’s State of the Union show kicks off a little after nine o’clock in order to give the media time to tell us what he’s going to say, and then Obama comes in. I have a way… I know a lot of you don’t want to watch this. A lot of you know that we will watch it, and if there’s anything salient, we’ll pass it on to you. I’m like you: Who wants to sit there and listen to somebody lie for an hour and 15 minutes? As an example, let’s go back to January 27th of last year, 2010. Here is Obama in the House chamber and the State of the Union show.



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