Sheriff blames right for shooting

Once again, Sheriff Dupnik is blaming the right, Rush Limbaugh, and more for the shootings in Arizona. He has provided zero evidence, only sweeping generalizations, as he tries to blame anyone but the shooter for the violence. Sheriff Dupnik, came off his high horse this morning and granted Glenn an interview on radio this morning (although he sounded suspiciously like Stu’s Sean Connery impression).

Glenn asked the Sheriff, “So Clarence, before we knew anything, you, of course, knew that this violence, this guy was wound up by? “

“By the rightwing, of course.  I’ve noticed this sort of rhetoric building in our society and I made it clear to everyone in my press conference that it was the rightwing, political,” the “Sherriff” responded.

“All evidence, all evidence shows that it’s not,” Glenn pointed out.



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