Secret weapon unveiled to slay dragon of Obama’s scheming

Did the tea-party movement fall asleep after the November election?

That’s what the organizer of a national campaign to get House Republicans to oppose the raising of the debt limit sometime in the next few weeks fears.

“I love the tea-party movement,” says Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND and the force behind the “No More Red Ink” campaign. “But if those activists don’t get out in the streets again in the next month to stop the raising of the debt limit, all their hard work over the last two years will have been wasted. We have an unprecedented opportunity right now to bring federal spending under control immediately, with one vote. And the Republicans they put in office in November have all the power to do what is needed. They just need a big push.”

For his part, Farah has made it easy for the public to make their voices heard in Washington in a powerful way.

The “No More Red Ink” campaign has two facets:

Sign a petition directed exclusively to all 242 House Republicans calling on them not to bargain away their “nuclear option” that can stop any further deficit spending for the next two years.

Flood their offices with “red ink” letters that remind them they are holding all the cards in getting government spending under control and that all they have to do is vote “no” on raising the debt limit.
“This is a plan to separate the real economic conservatives from the pretenders,” said Farah. “If you want to reduce the debt that is destroying this country’s economy we have a chance right now to slam on the brakes. Once the debt limit is raised, it’s back to business as usual.”



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