Pima County Needs a Real Sheriff

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is on the path here of attempting now to expressly personally associate me with this event in Arizona.  I’ve asked myself, “Is there another time in recent history where we have seen a law enforcement officer act so brazenly political?”  We have a law enforcement officer, the sheriff of that county, admitting he’s got no facts for what he’s speculating about; that he has no evidence.  A member of the law, the sheriff, saying he’s got no evidence to support his contention that Tea Party did it first, then it was Sarah Palin, and now me.  Sheriff Dupnik is supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer of Pima County.  He keeps running to the microphone and spewing uninformed opinions like he’s the mayor of New York City or something.

This is not the way real law enforcement people act.  They don’t give opinions. They bend over backwards to make sure they don’t say anything that will detract from the criminal investigation, in fact — and they certainly don’t provide, on purpose, defenses for the accused.  And I really want to point out again, this mug shot, Mr. Loughner, he’s smiling, deviously so. He’s getting everything he wants here.  He’s obviously craved attention, he’s getting a lot of it now, and he’s sitting in jail knowing full well he’s got a major political party in this country running interference for him.  I know that may be hard for some of you to hear and accept but how else would you explain this?  We have a Democrat Party and its allies in the media doing everything they can to blame everybody other than this guy.



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