On Unions, Pensions and Contracts

I have a question for all of who think that those contracts that all those city officials in Bell, California — 500 grand a year, 400 grand a year, 600 grand. Those are silly, right? Those are ridiculous. Why? “Well, who’s gonna pay people that much money to run the city? It’s ridiculous!” That’s no more ridiculous than making a deal to pay somebody for 20 years after they have stopped working for you and pay for your health care. Wether you’re paying the city manager of Bell, California, half a million dollars or Anastas Mikoyan for 20 years full salary and benefits after he’s retired, both are silly in the commonsense ledger. But a contract’s a contract. Right. Okay. So the Bell, California, city manager gets his half a million dollars a year. A contract’s a contract. Backbone of America.

“But, Rush! But, Rush! That’s silly. That’s silly.”

Yeah, I know. No more silly than any other union deal that promises people they’re gonna make full salary or even 80% salary and health care benefits after they’ve stopped working until they die. (snorts) Jeez.



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