Obama worse than Dr. Evil?

Was President Obama channeling Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies in his State of the Union address last night? Glenn had fun with Obama’s calls for more spending (or is it investing?) in his State of the Union speech last night.

“The speech last night was a campaign speech and we are starting to see the beginning of changity change change again,” Glenn said about the President’s speech.

Remember when the Obama administration was calling for high speed bullet trains? Much like a lot of the content in the President’s speech last night, the message and the facts don’t line up.

“Ooh, bullet trains? That sounds, well, violent, but it sounds great. A bullet train? Please don’t let anybody explain to me why bullet trains won’t work here in America. You know, the fact that we only have a single rail system. So in other words, our freight trains run on the same tracks that our new bullet trains would run on. And the bullet train might go a little faster than a freight train and go bumpity bump bump, boom, but don’t explain that because it just sounds better if we just say, we should get a bullet train.”

Glenn almost had an aneurysm when the President said America’s infrastructure was just rated and got a “D”, and we need to invest more into strengthening our infrastructure.

“I immediately thought to myself, isn’t this kind of the same speech he gave two years ago and he said, ‘And that’s why I need a trillion dollars’,” Glenn said.

“The last time I heard somebody use a trillion dollars, wouldn’t say it with a straight face, I need one trillion ‑‑ when I say $1 trillion, you think of a guy in a gray suit with his pinky up to his lip. He’s bald. It was an Austin Powers movie, $1 trillion. Remember? Remember when a trillion dollars used to mean something?” Glenn said, referencing Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.

Movie expert Stu chimed in, “I think he said a million and then everyone made fun of him and then he said a hundred billion.”

“Dr. Evil was only one tenth of what Barack Obama asked for two years ago,” said Glenn.



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