Make Obama Veto Obamacare Repeal Again and Again and Again

 So John Boehner did his first press conference today.  It was like an interrogation.  It was like he was a suspect.  And every lie and misrepresentation that you find about the new Congress in the New York Times and the Associated Press served as subject matter for questions for Boehner.  By the way, the latest mantra here, the latest narrative, the latest template, ladies and gentlemen, on the repeal of health care is that why waste time with this.  Even if you do manage to have it passed in the Senate, everybody knows that Obama is gonna veto it.  Why waste your time?  Why waste all this precious time when you could be focusing on jobs?  I mean that is a bile-inducing narrative, as far as I’m concerned.  Focusing on jobs, Obama has promised it four or five different times.  Look at the time he’s wasting.  Actually he’s not wasting time; he’s succeeding in his path and swath of destruction.  

Why didn’t anybody complain about all the wasted time while they put this piece of garbage health care together?  How come nobody mentioned it when Congress was passing all this nonsense that they rammed through during a lame duck session?  What about all the time wasted there?  Or how come nobody ever asked this at any point over the last four years when the Democrats had complete control of both houses of Congress for the last four years?  Now all of a sudden the media and the rest of the Democrats are terribly worried about the debt and jobs and wasted time.  Oh, this is just truly hilarious.  Forget for a moment that the reason all of these new electees, all these new members of Congress are there is primarily to do two things:  cut spending, roll it back, and repeal health care.  That’s why they’re there.  It is not a waste of time to the people who elected them.  Let me tell you, the objective here, after he vetoes it, you send it up to him again the next month, and you make him veto it again, and then you keep debating it and you send another bill up and you keep making him veto it, and you keep making these people defend this horrible, rotten piece of legislation.  This is not a show thing; this is not one time.  This is an overall effort to get rid of this.



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