Jared Loughner’s Friend on GMA: “He Didn’t Listen to Political Radio”

It was interesting on Good Morning America today, and it was interesting what wasn’t in the New York Times today that they no doubt heard, that they edited out.  And it’s interesting how some people are upset with me over what I said yesterday.  So we’ll deal with all of that and we’ll just keep plodding on.  

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Good Morning America in New York City was truncated today because of coverage of the snow bomb that went through there.  I got a tip earlier today that one of the shooter’s friends appeared on Good Morning America and said the kid, the shooter, never listened to talk radio.  Well, now, I, Mr. Talk Radio, found that pretty interesting.  So we tried to find it on the New York feed of Good Morning America, it wasn’t there.  So we got a transcript of the program, we found out that the kid did say it, the friend of the shooter did say it.  We had to get it from the Cleveland feed, and if we weren’t able to do that we were gonna get it on the West Coast feed.  Here it is.  This morning on Good Morning America a portion of an interview Ashleigh Banfield did with Zach Osler, who is a high school friend of the shooter Jared Loughner.  Ashleigh Banfield: “What was his motive in Saturday’s attack and what about the speculation that he may have been fueled by partisan politics and rhetoric in the media?”



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