Inspector general says ‘jobs saved’ numbers are nonsense

Claims by the federal government that it used stimulus dollars to create and save millions of U.S. jobs are “misleading,” cannot be confirmed and rely on methods that lack “transparency,” according to reports from government watchdogs that WND obtained.

The first watchdog report takes on the Small Business Administration. According to the SBA’s own inspector general’s office, the SBA received $730 million under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – commonly known as the stimulus act – and, like other federal agencies which also received part of the trillion-dollar Obama stimulus package, was required to report job retention and creation statistics. The agency reported the figures initially, on its web site, every month, but the inspector general audited those figures, casting doubt on their veracity.

“I have never been a fan of the SBA,” Donald Mazzella, editorial director of Information Strategies, Inc., a New Jersey-based publisher of small business publications, tells WND. “I have long suspected the numbers.”



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