Hypocrisy: Obama says $172k is ‘modest’ pay

Obviously, the staff at the White House is struggling financially. These people work long, hard days for modest pay. They aren’t like those rich fat cats with their big salaries and fancy mansions. Right?

Glenn discussed a statement from President Obama to kick off the second hour. “We [Obama and Robert Gibbs] have been on this ride together since I won my Senate primary in 2004. He’s had a six-year stretch now where basically he’s been going 24/7 with relative modest pay. I think it’s natural for somebody like Robert to want to step back for a second and reflect, retool, and that, as a consequence, brings about both challenges and opportunities for the White House.”

Pat said, “$172,200 a year. These [White House Staff Members] are the same people who are continually bashing the rich, are continually hammering at those who don’t need this or that, they don’t need this tax break which isn’t a tax break but the tax rate that’s been in effect for 10 years.”

Pat added, “The average American makes about $35,000 a year. The average household pay is around 55,000. That takes two incomes to get there. He makes $172,200 and that’s relatively modest? How does a President become so hypocritical? How do they become so out of touch with reality?”



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