How Liberals Look at the World

 I shared with you in the first hour.  This is irrational.  This is born of people who really believe that they controlled everybody and everything, that this would never, ever happen; that nobody insane or lunatic would ever have to be locked up; that criminals would be locked up; that there wouldn’t be criminals. We have a panacea if, A, they just controlled everybody; and B, everybody just listened to them, was one of them. Why, there wouldn’t be any poverty. There wouldn’t be any of these inequities in society that cause all these problems.  

There wouldn’t be any insanity.  If they could just control everybody’s minds, control everybody’s thinking — and any defeat they take it personally, personal rejection. When this kind of thing happens it’s a personal rejection because this doesn’t fit. This incident just doesn’t fit.  Them losing elections doesn’t fit the template, so they have irrational explanations for losing. It’s never them.  They never lose elections because they gave people reason to vote against them or because they never gave people reason to vote for them. It’s always marketing, packaging, some trick. Somebody was able to massage the minds of people against these good people on the left.  There’s always some trick behind them losing.

Somebody outsmarted ’em.  You know, trying to explain rationally an irrational event or irrational person is one of the definitions of insanity.



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