House Set to Launch Health Law Challenge

House Republicans, toning down their rhetoric slightly, plan to reset the debate over the health law repeal Tuesday on Capitol Hill, building a strictly economic case against “Obamacare” after pausing for a week out of respect for the victims of the Tucson shooting. 

GOP leaders are in unison in arguing that they cannot wait any longer to resume debate on the health care overhaul. While the repeal stands scant chance of clearing Congress or withstanding a presidential veto, Republicans say the public demands Washington start early chipping away at the law. 

Both sides, though, may try a little harder to keep the debate from becoming overheated. President Obama and Republicans alike reject claims that political rhetoric contributed to the shooting last Saturday in Arizona. But the president urged Congress to keep the discourse “worthy” of the victims. And in the days following, House Speaker John Boehner has noticeably avoided describing the bill as the “job-killing” health care law. 

Instead, Boehner substituted the term “job-destroying” during Republicans’ retreat in Baltimore over the weekend. And in a post on his official House speaker blog Monday, his office referred to the policy as the “job-crushing” heath care law, which contained “job-destroying” taxes and requirements.



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