Glenn to Congress: You are cowards

Yesterday, Congress held a reading of the Constitution, but Glenn pointed out some glaring omissions that showed an utter disregard for our nation’s history.

The Republicans and the Congress angered Glenn by omitting the “three-fifths” compromise during the reading of our nation’s most sacred document. “Congress, you’re cowards. You’re nothing but a group of cowards and maybe ignorant cowards,” he said.

Glenn and Pat explained that the “three-fifths” compromise wasn’t an evil thing, but it was an effort by the Founders to eventually end slavery.

Pat explained, “It’s three-fifths in counting. It’s three-fifths in a census. It wasn’t assigning a word to a soul or a human being. It was so that they could limit the population of the south and, thus, limit the representation and one day get rid of slavery.”

Glenn explained that the slave owners wanted slaves to be counted as full people in the census, but the Founders were saying, “If they’re people, how can you enslave them?”

Glenn said, “The real hypocrites were the slave owners. The slave owners were the hypocrites. They were saying, ‘No, no, no, we want them counted as full people.’ Wait a minute. The hypocrites were not the founders, were not the ones that said three-fifths.

Glenn explained, “The founders designed the Constitution to be able to be amended. You think it’s old, outdated? Great. Update it with an amendment. That’s the way you update the Constitution. That way it’s a living and breathing document. No, it’s not. It’s cut in stone. You want to put the breath of today into it, you amend it.”

“How’s that discussion, John Boehner? Have that freaking discussion, you coward!” Glenn said.

Glenn asked of Republicans, “Cowards or ignorance, which do you choose, Republicans? Are you a coward and you refuse to defend and explain and have a teaching moment, or are you ignorant and didn’t know what the three-fifths clause was?”

“If you don’t have the spine to explain to the American the three-fifths clause, are you going to be able to explain to the American people what it means to not raise the debt ceiling?”



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