Glenn to Al Gore: You Suck!

Glenn loves New York! Not really.

First, Glenn complained about the cold. “Got up this morning and it was 3.  I don’t mean 3:00 a.m.  It was 3.  And I thought, man, Al Gore, you suck!”

Pat added, “There’s like 3 1/2 feet [of snow].  My mailbox was destroyed and I’ve got, in my driveway I’ve got seven-foot-high drifts piled up from the plow that’s, you know, pushed the snow out of the way.”

Stu, however, had some nice, warm weather in Pennsylvania. “I live in the tropical paradise of Pennsylvania where I woke up and it was 12 [degrees].  I mean, I almost went out and just started sunning myself on the deck.”

What else is awful in New York? Garbage. The garbage is stacked so high, that a man trying to commit suicide landed on a pile of trash and survived.

Pat said, “[Garbage] so high that a guy jumped out of his ninth story window trying to commit suicide, landed in garbage. And survived.”

Glenn added, “Did you hear — now, with all the kindness in his heart, did you hear the landlord?”

“Guy’s a bum.  He hasn’t paid his rent in three months,” Pat finished.

“Only in New York.”



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