Flat, Insulting State of the Union Draws Raves from State-Run Media

Yeah, it was painful. It was just painful. I’m sitting there, Kathryn and I are watching this thing last night and we’re frankly appalled and surprised at how bad it was. There was no life in that speech. There was no energy. I know why. He just couldn’t fake it. He didn’t believe half the stuff he said, all that soaring America great stuff. He didn’t believe it. Everybody in the room knew it, none of the Democrats believed it. There were more plants in that audience than a campaign stop and look at the media coordination that took. After every other line, you know, cut to somebody in the audience, some average citizen who’s overcome the obstacles of dealing with Republicans everyday, and the name and ID and so forth and then go back to Obama up there. I’m glad Boehner didn’t cry. Maybe the best thing about it is we didn’t have to look at Pelosi all night.

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It really was flat, surprisingly so. We’re sitting there watching this and occasionally stealing glances at one another, and how they gonna deal with this? I mean the media’s built this up, they’ve built this guy up. It’s gonna be the Second Coming of Obama himself, and, man, it wasn’t there. I don’t even remember the stupid joke about the salmon. In fact, you know what I’ve done? I had an idea for the Cookster. I said, “Just give me three or four sound bites from any Obama speech in the last two years, I don’t care, pick one. Save yourself some time, just whatever the least amount of time you can spend on it.” I’ll play these bites and say, “When did he say this? Last night? Two years ago?” Doesn’t matter. It’s all same. How in the world do you stand there last night and talk about all the problems we’ve got with infrastructure and shovel-ready jobs and forget to point out that you spent a trillion dollars to eliminate the problem two years ago? Well, you do that because you figure people are stupid and you know that your sycophants in the media are not gonna call you on it. It was breathtaking. And the slobber crowd, I mean half of them couldn’t even fake that last night.



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