Dupnik Knew About Loughner

On the day of the shooting we know that officers stopped the suspect.  They let him go, but they stopped him.  He slipped through the sheriff’s hands.  It’s kind of rhetorical to ask if the sheriff, Mr. Dupnik, will apologize.  But Dupnik, the sheriff, knew that Jared Loughner had written “Die, bitch” on that note to her in 2007.  He knew that on the day of the shooting, which calls into great question the motives of Sheriff Dupnik here in the way he has conducted himself since the shooting and since he decided to go public on television with his idle speculation as to the reason for the shooting.  From a layman’s perch here, it appears that Sheriff Dupnik has been acting with malice as he runs around and blames Sarah Palin and blames me and others who do what I do for this sordid incident.  

Will Obama say tonight in his remarks in Tucson that Dupnik acted stupidly as he did in describing the actions of the cop in Cambridge?  Will Obama castigate Dupnik?  No, this is not gonna happen.  He called Dupnik and thanked him yesterday.  He called Sheriff Dupnik, the president did, to thank him for his great work in keeping Pima County safe and following up in his efforts to find out what happened here.  So, no, Obama will not castigate Dupnik and the rest of the media and the Democrats for jumping to conclusions.  He will not insist on holding a beer summit with Dupnik.  Why was that “Die, bitch” note covered up?  I mean it’s now how many days?  Saturday, Sunday, Monday — four days.  Four days and we are still learning about all of this.  Why did the media bury that information?  

Why did Good Morning America bury on their website ’til the second page, the 12th paragraph, the good friend saying, “He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t like the news.” (interruption) Well, exactly.  The allegations are far more interesting than the facts.  The allegations, the speculation, is far more interesting to the media, which would also love to see talk radio shut down and put out of business along with Fox News.  You can’t take that out of the equation. You can’t call this an isolated incident.  This is just the latest in a pattern.



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